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Rio Grande do Sul Startup Ecosystem Overview

Rio Grande do Sul, one of the three federal states comprising the South of Brazil region, is a Brazilian leader in innovation. Between 2021 and 2022, the state invested R$18 million into the innovation ecosystem, including foundational elements for the science and technology sectors, such as universities and funding opportunities for investment and research.

With over sixteen technology parks, forty-three incubators, eight Senai Institutes of Innovation and Technology, and eight Embrapii units, Rio Grande do Sul is home to more than a thousand startups and dozens of R&D centers. It also brings national visibility to the innovation ecosystem by hosting the South Summit Brazil in the capital, Porto Alegre, attracting thousands of international entrepreneurs.

With a culture of entrepreneurship and its ongoing investments in education and innovation, Rio Grande do Sul is building a world-class innovation ecosystem and a promising international startup hub.

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Facts & Figures

281,748 km²



Urban Population

Porto Alegre

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GDP per capita (US$1517)


Rio Grande do Sul's contribution to Brazil's economy

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Governor’s letter

A thriving innovative culture

Rio Grande do Sul has placed innovation at the center of its development strategy. As a cross-cutting theme, we talk to all sectors, offering relevant solutions in the face of the rapid changes we are experiencing. Therefore, the promotion of startups as the engine of the new economy is a priority for the State.

Community Letter

Welcome to the startup ecosystem in Rio Grande do Sul!

Welcome to the startup ecosystem in Rio Grande do Sul! Here you will find a thriving business environment, universities, innovation hubs, companies, technology parks, acceleration programs, major events, funding agencies, inspiring cases, a public power willing to invest in innovation and local entrepreneurs ready to move forward with global connections.


A few interesting, newly developed businesses usually under five years old.

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The ambitious accelerator and incubator programs in the city that help startups become established.


Popular coworking hubs, both new and well established, where entrepreneurs can work and grow successfully.

Feevale Techpark
Instituto Caldeira
Nau Live Spaces
Tecnopuc - PUCRS Science and Technology Park
Feevale Techpark

Features twenty-three private spaces that can be rented out throughout the year, with full cleaning and maintenance services.

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Tecnopuc - PUCRS Science and Technology Park

Tecnopuc’s vibrant ecosystem houses more than 230 companies, startups, and research centers fostering the development of innovative solutions and businesses in more than 90,000 m² of built area.

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Nau Live Spaces

Features a modern, calm space with a biophilic design and quality furnishings for a homelike feel, along with practical and complete infrastructure to work, meet and host events.

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Instituto Caldeira

Instituto Caldeira endorses the power of collaboration and innovation in a beautifully restored, historic building, all within a vibrant community of like-minded professionals.

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In-depth Q&A’s with seasoned entrepreneurs, who have founded or cofounded companies and share their experience, insights and advice.


A collection of well-known schools, colleges and educational programs specifically tailored towards entrepreneurship studies.

Did you know?

Rio Grande do Sul is home to one of the best universities in Brazil, UFRGS.

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